Review National Vintage Report Wine Australia

By Paula Pereira at

I like graphic reports, most of the time I am use to see thousand of figures and get mess between numbers. This time I am really amazed by the simplicity and powerfully message send by Wines Australia.

They portrait a national and international growing on demand and price this season 2017. After reading the title: National Vintage Report shows larger crush and higher average price, it was my impression that it is could be boring showing all the time how the numbers in percentage rises. The most important for me is the detail about warmer and cooler/temperate regions with the title crush by climate.

The next aspect of this report that calls my attention is when they mention Prosecco and sparkling wine, the last category only for domestic market. What is wrong about the national Prosseco? I got confused.

Vintage Report


If we see the information about the national average purchase price saying that it is the highest since 2008. It is quite long time ago, since the economic crisis started. We hope that the trend is stabilisation. It looks like in the cool/temperate regions the price per tonne is three times higher than in the warmer regions while the production is also three times less.  If the market is asking for more Shiraz, where is the analysis per region of his production? and which grapes are the most expensive in every region?

As conclusion, I admit having a great joy reading this report however my mind missed important data about Shiraz and the comments about the production of Prosseco in terms of his imago in the international market. Moreover, it is for me a mystery what the structure of the wine growing sector is going to affect the future of Shiraz, because climate changes is an issue in Australia.

Read the report here.