is created in 2000 originally an English concept for founded in 1997 by Jan Rook. The name refers to his pseudonym in the wine world because he travels so much as wine journalist, at that time everybody knew about flying wine makers, and now Flying Wine Writer too.

In 2015 the website changed the wine news format and became a much more personalized site full of information about the story of the wine world, science and debates. The main writter is Paula Andrea Anabalon Pereira who manages the website and networks. She is Chilean-Dutch, and creates articles, videos, graphs and presentations. We are proud to offer this unique view which reveals the scence of the structure and truly porpouse of the wine and spirits culture which is making people enjoy nature and life.  As a unique site in this matter the idea is transport easily all the information we obtain during our experiences as wine writers, providing fast access to the recent trends, studies, stories and people´s views . The main goal is summarized by the following sentences:

Connecting with the world of wine brands.

Discovering the wine world through the eyes of the next generation.

Our readers

We connect with creative people in business related to food and drinks, sustainability, circular economy and climate studies. They use our content for various purposes such as education; new ideas for their companies or engagement with their market.